Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Squaring the Circle

Last September Craftswoman House organized an exploratory trip to the ruins of Llano del Rio in preparation for a project with Hinterculture to mark the 100th anniversary of the founding of the colony. Now, we are excited to announce details about Squaring the Circle, the centennial event scheduled for May 3, 2014. The event will feature over thirty participants who work as historians, visual artists, filmmakers, writers, choreographers, dancers, musicians, activists, and interdisciplinary practitioners.

We face distinct challenges working in a remote desert environment and have launched a campaign to raise funds to cover costs associated with the production and documentation of the event. To learn more about the project and view our video, check out our Squaring the Circle page here

Please become a shareholder in the Squaring the Circle community. Choose your level of support and help us build a new collective vision of Llano del Rio!

Squaring the Circle: Llano del Rio Centennial
Saturday May 3, 2014 1pm to dusk

Temporary installations by Jessica Cowley & Lyra KiltsonMichelle RozicKaryl Newman, Larissa NickelMinna Phillips, and Stacey Spiegel

Performances by LA Art GirlsOlivia de HaullevilleRachel FinkelsteinKate Hoffman, Jennifer from JC PenneyElizabeth LeisterOpera del EspacioLinda RavenswoodSemi-Tropic SpiritualistsLeora Wien, and SuarezDanceTheater

Film screenings by Judy Branfman and Mady Schutzman

And historical walking tours lead by Dr. Dydia DeLyser and Paul Greenstein co-author of the book Bread and Hyacinths: The Rise and Fall of Utopian Los Angeles.


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